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  • The composition of diesel generator set

    Diesel generator sets are mainly composed of two parts: engine and alternator Engine Diesel engine is an engine that burns diesel oil to obtain energy release. The advantages of diesel engine are high power and good economic performance. The working process of a diesel engine is similar to that o...
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  • The 56 technical questions and answers of diesel generator set–no. 36-56

    36. How to divide the automation level of diesel generator set? Answer: Manual, self-starting, self-starting plus automatic mains conversion cabinet, long-distance three remote (remote control, remote measurement, remote monitoring.) 37. Why is the outlet voltage standard of the generator 400V in...
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  • 56 technical questions and answers of diesel generator set–no. 20

    16. How to calculate the current of a three-phase generator? Answer: I = P / (√3 Ucos φ) that is, current = power (watts) / (√3 *400(volt) * 0.8). The simplified formula is: I (A) = unit rated power (KW) * 1.8 17. What is the relationship between apparent power, active power, rated power, maximum...
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  • 56 technical questions and answers of diesel generator set–no. 5

    1. What are the conditions for the parallel use of two generator sets? What device is used to complete the parallel work? Answer: The condition for parallel use is that the instantaneous voltage, frequency and phase of the two machines are the same. Commonly known as “three simultaneousR...
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  • Fuel consumption formula of diesel generator set

    Generally, the fuel consumption of diesel generator sets is calculated according to 0.2-0.25kg/kW.hour, and one liter of diesel is about 0.84-0.86 kg. Then 1KW per hour is 0.2-0.25kg divided by 0.84 = 0.238 liters-0.3 liters, multiplied by kilowatts equals to fuel consumption per hour. That is, 0...
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  • China’s mechanical and electrical foreign trade continued to grow in March, the export volume of China’s mechanical and electrical products increased by 43% in first season

       Affected by factors such as last year’s low base, recovery in overseas demand, and my country’s supply advantages, my country’s mechanical and electrical foreign trade continued to grow in March. According to statistics from the General Administration of Customs, the total im...
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  • Diagnosis and treatment of abnormal noise of fan blades of diesel generator

    When the diesel generator set is working, as the fan blade is used for a long time, sometimes it will suddenly make a noisy noise, especially as the speed of the diesel generator set rises, the noise will increase accordingly. This kind of phenomenon is called a fan Abnormal sound of leaves. ⑴ Re...
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  • Diesel generator set fan belt slipping

    During the operation of the diesel generator set, occasionally a high-frequency, sharp, and continuous “squeak -” sound is made. When the fuel is rushed, the sound is more prominent, which is caused by the slip of the pulley. ⑴ Reason ①The belt tension of the fan or air pump is insuff...
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  • Daily maintenance and precautions for diesel generators

    1. The air of the oil drain ◆Loosen the bleed bolt of the low-pressure fuel pipeline, and repeatedly press the button of the fuel transfer pump until there is no air bubble overflow in the low-pressure oil pipeline, then tighten the bleed bolt. ◆Loosen the high-pressure fuel pipe joint and start ...
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  • Reasons for uneven fuel supply of generator sets

    1.Uneven oil supply caused by mechanical failure: After long-term use, due to loose or too large gaps in the drive coupling of the fuel injection pump, the drive gear is worn and the backlash increases, which will also affect the uniformity of the oil supply of each cylinder. Besides, leakage of ...
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  • Inspection and adjustment method for uneven fuel supply of diesel generator

    If the fuel supply of each cylinder of the diesel generator is uneven (for example, the fuel supply of some cylinders is too large, and the fuel supply of some cylinders is too small), it will directly affect the stability of the diesel generator. The fuel injection pump can be removed for inspec...
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  • Noise Elimination of Diesel Generator

    Noise control becomes very important in the installation of most generator sets. There are several methods to choose from to control the noise level. 1. Smoke exhaust muffler: Smoke exhaust muffler will reduce the noise level of the diesel engine. Different grades of silencers have different sile...
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