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Daily maintenance and precautions for diesel generators

1. The air of the oil drain
◆Loosen the bleed bolt of the low-pressure fuel pipeline, and repeatedly press the button of the fuel transfer pump until there is no air bubble overflow in the low-pressure oil pipeline, then tighten the bleed bolt.
◆Loosen the high-pressure fuel pipe joint and start the diesel generator until the fuel is sprayed out from the high-pressure fuel pipe.
◆Tighten the high-pressure oil pipe, start the diesel generator, and check for leaks

2. Check the fan belt
Must use special tools to disassemble and assemble to avoid brutal operation. A small amount of transverse cracks (no penetration) is acceptable.

3. Replace the oil and filter
Note: Be careful of scalding when putting the engine oil!
Dirty engine oil should be collected and disposed of according to the requirements of the local environmental protection department, and should not be discarded at will to avoid environmental pollution. Add oil before installing the oil filter, and lubricate the seal ring with clean oil. Do not over-tighten it. Tighten it by hand and then use a wrench to tighten it 3/4 turn. After installation, start the diesel generator to check for leaks.

4. Filling with coolant
Note: You must wait for the diesel generator to cool down before opening the water tank cover to prevent scalding!
To add DCA to diesel generators, do not fill it too fast, otherwise, it will cause an airlock and cause high water temperature. When filling, open the bleed valve until the coolant overflows.

5. Intake system inspection
Note: Dust is the killer of diesel generators!
Frequently check all the air inlet pipe clamps; replace the air filter element regularly; clean the air filter element frequently

6. Cooling system inspection
Replenish the coolant frequently, pay attention to the dust between the cooling grids, keep the pipeline sealed and unobstructed, replace the water filter regularly, and regularly check the fan and fan belt for signs of damage.

Post time: Mar-06-2021

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