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Noise Elimination of Diesel Generator

Noise control becomes very important in the installation of most generator sets. There are several methods to choose from to control the noise level.

1. Smoke exhaust muffler: Smoke exhaust muffler will reduce the noise level of the diesel engine. Different grades of silencers have different silencing effects. These silencers can be divided into four types: industrial environment, home environment, high-demand, and ultra-high-demand.

2. Shell: The function of the shell is one to prevent rain; the other is to reduce noise. These shells can be specially designed to meet special noise level requirements.

3.Other noise reduction methods: When the generator is installed in a building, there is a variety of noise reduction equipment such as muffler boxes, partition ventilation, fan mufflers, and wall sound-absorbing materials, which can reduce noise.

Post time: Feb-02-2021

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