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Three innovation highlights of Cummins generator set

“To break the old and to create the new, it is easy to learn and do difficult.” Behind every epoch-making change is many years of hard work and constant polishing. Dongfeng Cummins L9 National VI generator is no exception! Let’s analyze together , the hidden innovation highlights of L9.

1. Integrated post-processing system
·Compact layout and smaller size
·Lightweight design, lower installation cost
·Flexible can encapsulate carriers of different sizes to cope with different applications

2. High-efficiency three-stage filtration system
·Three-stage fuel oil filtration, two-stage oil-water separation, improve impurity filtration capacity, water separation capacity, and ash capacity;
·Adopt step-by-step filtration to filter impurities reasonably to ensure that the fuel system’s filtration efficiency and water separation capacity is improved without reducing the mileage of filter replacement;
·The three-stage filtration performance is much higher than the fuel system requirements, adapt to the domestic market application environment, and better protect the fuel system from damage.

3. Low friction work power cylinder system
·Low friction power consumption structure, reducing oil consumption by about 33%;
·High thermal efficiency combustion chamber design to improve fuel economy;
·High wear resistance coating to improve reliability and durability.

Breakthrough innovation, high efficiency, and reliability, Dongfeng Cummins L9 national six power, there are unique ways to win, easy to move, and higher skills!

Post time: Feb-01-2021

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