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The correct operation procedure of diesel generator

1. Before starting the diesel generator set
1) Open the doors and windows of the diesel generator room to ensure ventilation.
2) Pull out the dipstick and check the oil level. Should be between the high and low limits (two opposite arrows), not enough to add.
3) Check the fuel quantity, it is insufficient to add.
Note: Refill items 2 and 3 at once, try to avoid refueling while the machine is running. After adding, be careful to wipe clean spilled or spilled oil.
4) Check the amount of cooling water, if it is insufficient, add it. Replace once a year.
5) The battery adopts the floating charging method. Check the electrolyte level every week. If it is not enough to add distilled water, the level is about 8-10 mm higher than the electrode plate.
Note: Flammable gas is generated when the battery is charged, so open flames should be prohibited.

2. Start the diesel generator
Turn off the circuit breaker, make sure there is no one at the far end, and then turn it on. At the same time, pay attention to the oil pressure gauge. If the oil pressure is still not displayed after 6 seconds of starting or is lower than 2bar, stop immediately. The situation should be checked. At the same time pay attention to observe the smoke exhaust and pay attention to the running sound. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine in time.

3. Diesel generator set power transmission
After the diesel generator set has been running with no load for some time, observe that the three-phase voltage is normal, the frequency is stable, and the cooling water temperature rises to 45 degrees Celsius, confirm that the mains switch is off, notify the relevant circuit maintenance department and users, and push the open circuit Power transmission.

Post time: Jan-31-2021

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